Polka-dot passionfruit curd


Weekend Australian Magazine, 19 Feb, 22

There are several ways to create a curd, but I’ve gone with the hollandaise approach of cold butter emulsified in, for what I find a smoother set.
🏋🏻‍♀️ The heavier they are for their size, the more pulp you’ll find – and a bit of shrivel is no cause for concern.
❄️ Passion fruit pulp freezes fantastically – as does the curd.
👀 Some recipes suggest separating pulp from seed, but if you’ve gone to the
trouble of scooping out the things, it stands to reason you’d want to display nature’s polka dots proudly.
🥫 If you’ve vines or generous neighbours, then you’ll have plenty of pulp, but this is also the kind of forgiving fruit where if you’re stuck, a couple of cans of pulp will do the trick, foraged from the tinned produce aisle.

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