in a nutshell

Alice encourages people of all ages to find the joy in cooking & eating.

Her audaciously achievable yet delicious recipes, an educator’s eye, and a bright, inclusive tone is what brings everyone to the table and invites them to stay.

Alice’s unique ‘active listening’ style makes her a world-class compère. She’s shared the stage with household names and culinary stars as host of grand auditorium-filled in-conversations with Nigella Lawson & Rick Stein, to intimate Q&A’s with Ana Roš & Selassie Atadika.

Be it pan, pen or microphone in-hand, she’s the friend in food you’ve always wanted to find.



Her best-selling cookbook, In Praise of Veg, a definitive guide to cooking with vegetables has quickly become a staple in Australian kitchens and has already been translated into multiple languages.

Her first book, Alice’s Food A-Z was the first cookbook to be given a Notable Book gong by the Children’s Book Council of Australia.

Alice is also a contributor to ABC Everyday, SBS Food, The Age/SMH Good Food, Broadsheet and The Design Files.



She co-hosts foodie radio talkback segments on ABC Radio Melbourne, Hobart and Perth. Alice is also the resident Culinary Correspondent on ABC News Breakfast, encouraging Australians to expand their cooking – and eating – horizons, from Chilli to Watermelon Ham.

Alice’s television credits span multiple networks and demographics as host of Kitchen Whiz, Crunch Time, Short Cuts to Glory, and Good Food Christmas. Her guest appearances include BBC Breakfast, Postcards (Ch.9) and Freshly Picked with Simon Toohey (Ch.10). You might remember her as The One with the Glasses from MasterChef Australia



From helping shift the way food is taught to kids, to being on the pulse with innovations across the system, if there’s anything in food worth knowing about, Alice is the one to ask. 

When not writing about herself in third person, she is most at home tapping out thoughts and sharing snacks across the Social Media Sphere as @aliceinframes.