With their ‘fill, flip and tip’ vibe, jar salads (aka ‘Jalads’) satisfy the needs of those who grew up with Le Snaks and Ski Double-Ups, who’ve now found themselves trapped between an uninspired pre-dawn lunch prep or shelling out double figures for insipid CBD cafe food on a daily basis.

Fear not, cubicle dwellers! The following Jalads are not only packed to the brim with flavour (literally), you can even make them with your eyes practically glued together with sleep.

I’ve arranged these recipes based on layers, keeping the dressing at the bottom, separated from the greens with some form of protein to avoid wilting. As long as you stick to the basic premise of keeping the fat/acid away from the leaves and refrigerate as soon as you get into the office, you’ll be right.

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Caesar Jalad

Dressing: Kewpie and a lemon wedge
Protein: Pancetta, soft-boiled eggs, and/or grilled chicken
Veg: Cos, chives, avocado
Bonus: Croutons (on top of the cos)

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Greek Jalad

Dressing: Extra virgin olive oil, dried oregano, S&P
Protein: Fetta cheese
Veg: Cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, Spanish onion, cucumber, red capsicum (optional)
Bonus: Fresh oregano and/or continental parsley

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Nicoise Jalad


Dressing: Balsamic/red wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, Dijon mustard, crushed garlic clove, S&P
Protein: seared fresh/good quality tinned tuna
Veg: Blanched green beans, leftover boiled/steamed chat potatoes, Spanish onion, cherry tomatoes, Sicilian olives, capers (optional)
Bonus: Fresh baby spinach leaves and/or dill

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Quinoa Jalad

Dressing: Pomegranate molasses, fresh orange juice, extra virgin olive oil, crushed garlic clove, S&P
Protein: Leftover roast (lamb, beef, chicken etc), marinated goats cheese
Veg: Leftover roast veggies, pomegranate seeds, raisins, orange zest, fresh soft herbs (whatever’s in the fridge)
Bonus: Toasted nuts (almonds/pistachio)

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Mexican Jalad

Dressing: Guacamole (mashed avo, lime juice, spring onion, coriander, sweet chilli/Tabasco sauce)
Protein: leftover mince, grilled chicken/beef/fish strips, pulled pork
Veg: chopped tomato, spanish onion, capsicum, mango (optional), grilled corn, fresh coriander
Bonus: nachos, grated cheese