Tomato Tonnato


Weekend Australian Magazine, 12 Feb, 22

Although you’ll find 🍅 all year round, it’s in the warmer months that they really sing with sunshine. Team them with salty stuff like anchovies, olives or capers to juxtapose against their natural sweetness, roast to intensify their savouriness, or serve raw in tricked up salads with aged balsamic to let them speak for themselves.
Larger tomatoes can also be quite meaty, which is why this pesco version of the Italian classic Vitello Tonnato totally works. The tomato slices soak up the creamy tuna dressing and make for a sensational lighter option for lunch or any night of the week.
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🍅 track down knobbly ox-hearts and cut against the grain to unleash their glorious cross-sections. The skinnier the slice, the better.
🐟 I use tuna in spring water because it retains its nutrients and texture best, but if yours is in olive oil, just add an extra squirt of kewpie or dash of water to loosen the Tonnato sauce.
🌷 you could make this entirely vego by subbing the Tonnato for a gribische and going heavy on fried capers – aka: vegan anchovies! 💚

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