upside-down tomato and onion tart


Weekend Australian Magazine, 11 Feb, 22

This is a cross between a Pissaladière flavour-wise: anchovies + olives + caramelised onion, plus the addition of slow-roasted toms because they’re just so fab atm PLUS a Tarte Tatin vibe with the puff pastry.
A little bit ‘Oops, I Dropped the Pissaladiere & Added Tomatoes To It’… and A LOT, ‘Oops, Another TTT Almost Exactly a Year After David Did It’ 😝
Funnily enough, I’d only just had a little chinwag with Karen Martini when we bumped into each other at the market yesterday morning about the dilemma of duplication when weekend mag recipes have to be whipped out weekly, seasonally, and across multiple cooks and chefs.
I should’ve absolutely just called it an ‘Upside-Down Tomato & Caramelised Onion Tart’ and been done with it, as Thierry from Nice quite rightly pointed out in my inbox.
The case of The Twin Tomato Tarte Tatins has a silver lining, mind you: Nick’s made me a special spreadsheet with an itemised, dated, hyperlinked run-down of David Herbert’s recipes to cross-reference against, before I go ahead and offend the whole French Riviera again. It’s very Nice. 🙆🏻‍♀️
Speaking of nice, this VERY NICE!
I used Careme puff pastry, of course. You could grab the spelt version for some extra dimension.
If you don’t want to go the whole shebang and bake a tart, use the first part of the recipe to confit some tomatoes for popping onto crusty bread.

Recipe here (subscriber only content)