Warm duck & cherry salad


Weekend Australian Magazine, 5 Feb, 22

It’s easy to extend the life of summer’s best stone fruit. Even the saddest, droopiest cherries can be revitalised with a roast, and perhaps even boosted with the slightest sprinkle of sugar or drizzle of honey to fake a riper result. Here, the sweetness of cherries balances the gamey savouriness of duck breast; lentils add texture and a satisfying earthiness. You can use canned lentils or cook your own if you have time.
OR sub the duck out for grilled haloumi and serve it vego 💁🏻‍♀️🧀🍊+🍒!
🦆The biggest lesson here is in the cooking of the duck – something you really can’t rush. Cold pan to render out the fat, and do take the time to pour this off into a jar for the next time you roast potatoes… duck schmaltz spuds are ALL-TIME.
🍒even though it’s something you’ll only pull out for a few months a year, it’s still useful to invest in a chery pitter. I’ve had a few and the Cuisipro one has served us well for some years now.

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